Church Membership

If you are interested in membership, plan to attend both sessions of “Discovering Church Membership” September 16 and 23. Class will meet from 9:35 to 10:45 a.m. in Room 102.

Also, read our brochure – Steps to Membership.

To apply for membership, you may fill out our online form or download a printable form and drop off or send it to the church office.

The following people have applied for membership:

Megan Boyd

Megan first trusted in Christ as a child, but didn’t truly grasp the significance of this amazing gift until she was older. As a single mom, Megan understood the great challenge of raising Noah in Christianly way. She was determined to lead her son by modeling an authentic walk with God so she recommitted herself to Jesus through the assistance of former Pastor Curt Holzworth. Also, key to her spiritual growth has been her involvement in a ladies Bible study in her town. Megan serves on the Middle School Free Life staff and in the Singing Christmas Tree drama team.

TiLynn Scott

TiLynn teaches in the GI Public Schools.She often uses her vocal talents during the Sunday morning worship services and the Singing Christmas Tree. TiLynn benefitted greatly from attending church with her family as she grew up. It was during her church’s confirmation classes that she remembers accepting Christ as her Savior. Although she never strayed away from God while in college, TiLynn knew she wasn’t “walking the walk.” As an adult, her faith has grown since she began attending GI Free ten years ago.